The panoramic vista of Gulmarg will make your day


Being home to the unnumbered of lush meadows of flowers, the cup-shaped hill station is the most shining jewel in the crown of Jammu & Kashmir. The glorifying vista of Gulmarg makes it one of the most loved honeymoon destinations in India among others. The snow-draped mountains, vibrant meadows of flowers, teemed forests, and sky-scraping valleys of Gulmarg have rendered their unspoiled fascination to many Bollywood movies. Perched high at the altitude of 2730 km above sea level, Gulmarg is a visitors’ delight for the honeymoon and adventurous escape. Here, we have listed down the wonderful Gulmarg sightseeing places. Have a look at them.

Gulmarg sightseeing places:

Gulmarg Gondola

Gulmarg sightseeing places


Gulmarg Gondola, being the highest cable car in the Asia and second highest in the world, is the untouchable pride of Gulmarg. Imagine, how would you be able to hold your breath and what would you feel if you’re riding at the height of 12293 feet? That’s truly thrilling and can pump up anybody’s heartbeat. Isn’t it a feel like flying in the sky capturing the never-before-seen views of earth from the high above? During this entire ride, visitors are taken to the different stations but the car stops only at two places. First, Kongdori Station which is at the height of 8530 feet and then, at Gondola which is peak station. Gulmarg Gondola ride is the must-do activity in Gulmarg.

Alpather Lake

How can a hill station in Jammu & Kashmir be glorified without a lake?  If you’re photography buff and love to capture the surreal and bizarre things, Alpather Lake won’t let you put your camera down. Splashing the feet of Apharwat Mountain, Alpather Lake is dotted by the multi-hued flowers and trees from all around. But if you’ll visit in winters, you’ll find there only and only ice. If you really want to witness the Alpather Lake in full swing, visit in the months of May and June. The floating chunks of ice on the water will make you capture the moment. You would need to trek around for 13 km from Gulmarg to witness this immaculate beauty.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

Aren’t you intrigued by the thought that how the animals and other wildlife survive in such a frozen zone like Gulmarg? Seriously, the thought fascinates me but the Gulmarg biosphere reserve makes it true. Stretching in an area of 180 km2, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is located at the elevation of 4300 m above sea level. Being home to some of the endangered species of animals and plants, the biosphere reserve is the richest biodiversity region in J&K. The spread-out patches of conifers, impenetrable trees, and evergreen herbs make it bristled with the vegetation. Talking about the wildlife, snow cock, Hangul, Leopard, Brown Bear, Red Fox and Kashmir Roller call the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve their home. Certainly, a must-visit place if you’re a wildlife lover.

Gulmarg Golf Course

I know, you might not be a fan of golf, still, Gulmarg Golf Course deserves a visit because it is the world’s second highest golf course. Built at the altitude of 2650 m, Gulmarg Golf Course is expanded in an area of 7505 yards. The golf course was initially built by the British. They used to spend their leisure time here but it was officially inaugurated in 2011 by Omar Abdulla. Since then, it has been a popular tourist destination in Gulmarg. Dotted by the imposing mountains and luxuriant vegetation, today Gulmarg Golf Course attracts millions of visitors annually. So, don’t forget to visit this incomprehensible place.

Apharwat Peak

Apharwat Peak is another Gulmarg sightseeing places. It is famous among the adventurous enthusiasts because it is the hub of trekking and skiing in Gulmarg. If you’re in Jammu & Kashmir, you’re likely to do trekking in every few steps but the fun that you’ll get in Apharwat Peak, you can’t find elsewhere. The steep slopes of the Apharwat peak make it easier to ski even for the amateurs.  The best thing is here that slopes are divided as per the efficiency of skiing capability of the tourists. Means, there is a slope for the beginners, one for average skiers and one for the veterans. From snowboarding to sledding and from trekking to skiing, you can try any adventurous activities in Apharwat Peak. So, must go for the skiing here.

Ningle Nallah

Ningle Nallah is another enchanting place from Gulmarg. This is actually a stream. Originating from the majestic mountain ranges of Apharwat Peak and flowing through the lush green paddocks, Ningle Nallah creates a panoramic view of nature. Located 10 km form Gulmarg, it is also a great option for the picnic outing. The grassy lands, soothing ambience, and the pristine water of Ningle Nallah make it a soul-soothing destination in Gulmarg. Contagious to Ningle Nallah, there is one more stream named Ferozepue Nallah. Don’t forget to visit this one too.

Best time to visit Gulmarg

You can see the glory of Gulmarg sightseeing places at its best if you visit in the right season. Gulmarg is a year-round destination, so you can visit it anytime you feel like it. Since, it is known to be one of the most popular ski destinations in India, people often visit the place in winters. But it’s up to you. If you’re also going for an unforgettable skiing experience in the steep slopes of Gulmarg, winter is obviously an ideal time for you. In case, you’re going to explore every bit of Gulmarg, summers would be more suitable for you because during this season, weather remains pleasant and also all the tourist places of Gulmarg remain open. Monsoon months are not advisable as the weather is extremely unpredictable in Gulmarg during these months.

How to reach Gulmarg

Gulmarg is located proximate to Srinagar, so reaching there is relatively easy. Airway is the most appropriate way to reach Gulamrg. Take a halt at Srinagar Airport. It is just 85 km from Gulmarg. You can also go by the buses as it is connected to the major cities of India. In fact, from Delhi, you can get direct buses to Gulmarg. The last option to get Gulmarg is by railways. Jammu Tawi, situated 295 km from Gulmarg, is the nearest railway station. If we talk about the local transportation within the Gulmarg, there are not many possibilities since it is a hill station. You would need to explore it on foot.

Emerged as one of the much-loved winter & honeymoon destination in the country, Gulmarg has certainly made a place in the bucket list of everybody. So, visit these Gulmarg sightseeing places and get soaked into the scenic lure.


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