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panna national park
panna national park


Situated in Panna and Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, Panna National Park is one of the most shining jewels in the map of Madhya Pradesh and there are two reasons for it. First, it is a touristic crowd puller of the state. Second, this Panna region is said to be the hub of diamond mines in India in ancient times. Panna national park is famous for this particular reason.

Interestingly in 2007, it was bestowed with the ‘Award of Excellence’ issued by the Ministry of Tourism of India. The award was given for the immaculate cleanliness of the park. Today, let’s go on Panna national park safari and explore the glorious wilderness of this national park.

Panna National Park is famous for Which animal?

If you’re curious to know that Panna national park is famous for which animal, let me tell you it is famous for tigers. In fact, it is the citadel of tigers, so here if you encounter the one roaming at a few steps distance from you, don’t get awestruck.

  Panna National Park Location

Perched in the Vindhayn ranges of Madhya Pradesh, Panna national park is famous for its abundant flora & fauna.   It is located just 90 km from UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Khajuraho’ which is also a reason for its popularity.

It is basically a plateau on the bank of Ken River. This mighty river flows through the park making it an extremely biodiverse region. Spanning in a vast area of 542 km2, Pann tiger reserve was declared as a National Park in 1981.

Afterward in 1994, it was also recognized as the 22nd Tiger Reserve of India and the 2nd that of Madhya Pradesh.

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Before heading for the Panna national park safari, let’s know the history of the park. Panna district has always been a royal region in India. Being a local person, I know how regal the people of Panna are even today. Talking about the National Park, it holds a very deep-rooted and an eventful history right from the olden period of Indian Epic Mahabharata.

According to legend, Pandav Cave, located within Panna National Park, is actually the place where Pandavas spent a long period of their 13 years of exile.

Moreover, it is also has a link with the recent history.  During the 18th and early 19th century, the park is said to be the private hunting ground of Panna, Chhatarpur, and Bijawar kings. Since then, Panna and Chhatarpur have been two inseparable regions.

After 1947, this hunting land came under the control of Indian government. Since it was a naturally rich forestry region, the Indian government comprised the south and north forest divisions and declared it as a whole Gangau Wildlife Sanctuary in 1975.

The other region for declaring it as wildlife sanctuary was to preserve the wildlife and vegetation of this area. After three years, Chhatarpur forest division was also included in Gangau Wildlife Sanctuary and finally, in 1981, this whole region was declared as Panna National Park.

Panna National Park booking

  • Panna National Park Safari booking and ticket

You can book Panna National Park safari online. If you couldn’t book it online, don’t worry. You can grab it from the booking counter as well. For the single round of Jungle Safari, it issues 63 tickets at max.

  • Panna National Park Entry fees and tickets
  1. Indians: 40/head
  2. Foreigners: Rs. 500/head
  •  Other tickets-
  1. Guide Fees: 100/- per vehicle
  2. Boat Ride:   150/- 1-5 persons Indians and 150/- per person Foreigner
  3. Elephant Safari: 100/- per person Indian and 600/- per person Foreigner
  4. Night Safari: 1800/- per jeep

Panna national park timings and opening days

All days of week-

  • 6:30 am –10:30 am
  • 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Panna National Park Jeep Safari

Want to go on a day-long expedition in Panna tiger reserve without having a fear of close encounter with animals?  Go for the jungle safari. Panna national park is famous for jungle safari. The close encounters with wild animals are really thrilling as long as you know you’re safe. Our camera waits always for such moments only. So, Panna national park safari will offer you this opportunity.

This 3-hour jungle Jeep safari will take you to all prominent places inside the park. Panna national park safari timings are 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM in the morning and 2:30 PM-5:30 PM in the evening. There are also night safari, boat safari, and elephant safari. Go for which one you’ll enjoy the most.

Panna national park Safari cost:  1500/- for half day ( all days of the week)

Key attractions of Panna tiger reserve & National Park

Panna tiger reserve is an unfold treasure trove of nature. Unequaled wildlife is the major catchment of eyes here. It is just 90 km away from the World Heritage Site Khajuraho Temple, so every visitor coming to Khajuraho can’t resist him/herself visiting this park too.

Be it the ultimate fun of Jeep Safari through the rustic paths or the thrill of a night safari amid the darkness, be it a royal elephant ride or a calm boat ride, and be it fascinating far-fetched landscapes of Jungle or the inexpressible delight of seeing tigers cuddling each other , Panna tiger reserve has embraced a diverse tourism within.

It attracts millions of visitors every year and the reason being, the Park is adorned with a peerless beauty, which is deeply immersed in nature, history, and wildlife altogether. So, let’s get inside the park.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary-

Ken Gharial Sanctuary is the heart of Panna National Park. Sprawling in an area of 13.5 km, this sanctuary is famous for its picturesque views. It was particularly established with a purpose to preserve the threatened species of Indian Gharials, Being at the confluence of Ken and Khuddar Rivers, the sanctuary offers an eye-catching panorama of nature.

Dhundhawa Fall

During your Panna national park safari, you will see 3-4 waterfalls, of which Dhundhawa Fall is a must-visit. The waterfall is a heaven for nature lovers. If you want to go for an unforgettable picnic experience, no other place in this park can be better than Dhundhawa Fall. Surrounded by the panoramic ambiences, Dhundhawa Fall is indeed a visual treat for the eyes.

Rench Falls-

If Dhundhawa Fall couldn’t impress you, visit Rench Fall which is another famous waterfall inside the park. It will give you a feeling of being in nature’s womb and the best glimpse of Panna national park rivers. Formed by the confluence of mighty Ken and Khuddar Rivers, Rench Fall sweeps the visitors off their feet at first sight itself. Other than the lazuline water of the cascade, the surrounding of this place is also very alluring.

Mahamati PrannathJi Temple-

If you have got enough of Panna national park Safari, the rustic wilderness of landscapes and the enchanting charm of nature of, head over to Mahamati PrannathJi Temple which is at the close proximity to the park.

Spend some serene time amid this spiritual glory and architectural splendor.  This resplendent fusion of Hindu and Muslim architecture style narrating the story of legendary Prannath Ji will spellbind you.

Pandav Waterfall and Caves-

Remember, above we talked about Pandavas and their association with this park. Now, it’s time to witness it. Visit to Pandav Caves which has entwined a complete history within. As I said above, this cave is said to be the place where Pandavas spent their exile. Apart from the history, the spiritual aura and never-seen-before sceneries will enthrall you.

Things to Do in Panna National Park

  • Jungle Safari
  • Boat Ride
  • Elephant safari
  • Bird watching
  • Night safari

Flora and Fauna of Panna national park


Panna National Park has a water source from Ken River, so you can assume the floral diversity of this park. It is so rich that it is hard to capture it in words. It can only be captured in heart. Miscellaneous deciduous forests interspersed with far-reaching grasslands, riverine, scrubby vegetation, thorny woodlands, and a plethora of species of towering trees sum up the floral beauty of this park. There are also an array of plants and herbs.


Ken River being a perennial water source of Panna tiger reserve and national park hugely promotes the biodiversity of this place and makes it a natural habitat for the wild animals.

It is an abode to unnumbered of species of animals. Tiger, leopard, blue bull, wild dog, wild cat, wolf, hyenas, chowsinga, Indian deer and sloth bear are some of the most prominent wild animals who find the shelter in this park. Not only this, the park is also home to around 200 species of birds and unnumbered of reptiles.

Places to visit around Panna tiger reserve:

  • Khajuraho
  • Rajbaiju Chopra mandir
  • Madla Village
  • Ajayghar Fort
  • Chuturbhuj Temple
  • Nachna City
  • The Jugal Kishor Temple
  • State Museum of tribal and folk art
  • Diamonds Mines
  • Baldev Ji Temple

Best time for Panna National Park safari

Panna region receives a heavy rainfall during the monsoon months, so park remains closed during this time period. Except for these months, you can visit the park anytime. However, if you want to witness the full splendor this park, visit between the months of January to March.

How to reach Panna National Park:

Getting Panna tiger reserve Park is very easy and convenient. Let’s discuss in detail.

By Airways:

Khajuraho Airport is the closest airport to this awesome park, just at a distance of 30 km. From here, you can get local transports anytime.

By Railways:

Getting Panna park by railways is a bit time-consuming. Satna is the nearest railway station which is nearly 75 km from the park but after taking off at the station, you might need to wait a little for the local transports.

By Road:

If you have your own vehicle, this would be the best option for you. The road network to this park is well connected and is easily accessible. You can get regular vehicles all the time from everywhere going to the Panna National Park. If you can’t go there by your own vehicle but want to explore the park by the private vehicles, you can hire at Khajuraho and Panna.

Where to stay in Panna National Park

Panna is a stately region, so here don’t bother about the hotels or resorts. From the royal living to the jungle camps and from grand palace- like resorts to the affordable lodges, Panna National Park offers it all. A few of them are:

  • Resorts like Panna Tiger Resorts
  • Jungle Camp Madla
  • Jewel of the Jungle
  • Pashan Garh
  • Ken River Lodge

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