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Popularly known as the Orange City of India, Nagpur is one of the much-loved holiday destinations in India. Brimmed with the soothing lakes, magnificent temples, lush gardens, and some architectural splendors, the city offers a very varied tourist experience. Interestingly, Nagpur is the one of the most literate and also greenest cities in India. The city is deep-rooted in cultural heritage and it is quite evident in the tourism of the city.  Sometimes, the limelight of Mumbai, Goa, and Pune overshadows the tourism of Nagpur but the city has a huge array of touristic places to charm its visitors. Let’s have a look at them.

Maharaja Bagh

Located in the heart of the city, Maharaja Bagh is the central attraction of the city. Maharaja Bagh is often brimmed with the local as well as outside visitors. Built by Bhonsle Maharajas during the 18th century, Maharaja Bagh is today a botanical garden and also houses a zoo. If you’re a wildlife and nature lover, you’ll surely love this place. Extremely abundant with vegetation, Maharaja Bagh is also an abode to some of the wild animals. The herbal garden, aromatic cool breeze, serene atmosphere, and a sight of animals playing with each other in love will make you sit a while longer and gaze the beauty of nature.

Fatula Lake

Also named as Telangkhedi Lake, Fatula Lake is the most romantic spot in Nagpur. Spreading in a vast area of 60 acres, Fatula Lake offers a lot of water activities. The lake was constructed by Raja Bhonsle for his leisure but today it is one of the largest lakes in Nagpur.  The panoramic view of the lake and bewitching surroundings steal the heart of visitors at the first sight itself. If you want to spend some quality time far away from the chaos of the city, Fatula Lake will blow your mind with the serenity as well as irresistible charm. So, even if you’re on a short trip of Nagpur, don’t skip a visit to Fatula Lake.

Dhamma Chakra Stupa

The largest Stupa in Asia, Dhamma Chakra Stupa is undoubtedly the finest architectural monuments of Nagpur. It is one of the most sacred pilgrim spots of Buddhists. The monument is built of white marbles & granites and reaches up to the height of 120 feet. Apart from its stellar structural designs, the interior view of Dhamma Chakra Stupa amazes the visitors. The Stupa is so gargantuan that more than 5000 people can be gathered together. Such kind of mass gathering often happens during the Buddhist festivals. Also called as Deeksha Bhoomi, Dhamma Chakra Stupa is also a prominent spot for the ‘Dalit’ community, the followers of Bhimrao Ambedkar, because Many Dalits had been converted into Buddhism.

The Seminary Hill

Are you an adventurous freak? Then, Nagpur has The Seminary Hill for you. The hill is also accessible by the walking paths but the trekking is obviously better and more fun way to reach the hillock. The Japanese Garden and Satpura Botanical garden are the uttermost delights of eyes in Seminary Hill. These two picturesque gardens make the Seminary Hill a hill of natural beauty. From the high-above peak of Seminary Hill, you can see the mesmerizing vista of entire Nagpur.

Sitabuldi Fort

The tourism of Nagpur is extremely varied. Here, on one step, you’ll see a nature’s splendor and on next step, you’re likely to witness a historical monument. See, a moment before we were talking about a hill and now comes a fort. Sitabuldi Fort hasn’t made a very noticeable mark in Indian history but in Maratha history, it is the testament to the heroism of Maratha warriors. The fort houses a memorial of all those soldiers and warriors who died in the fierce battle between the Marathas and British. Located between two hill stations, Sitabuldi Fort is today under the Indian Army but is open for the public visit. The historical significance of this fort is the main reason that attracts millions of tourists annually.

Ambazari Lake

Yet another beautiful lake from Nagpur that defines a new splendor of nature. Including Fatula and Ambazari Lake, Nagpur houses total 11 lakes. The honor of constructing Ambazari Lake again goes to Raja Bhonsle but this time the purpose was different. Ideally, this lake was built in 1870 to supply the water to the entire city.  Ambazari Lake fulfilled the scarcity of water at that time but today it is something more than just a source of water. Being the largest lake in Nagpur, Ambazari Lake offers a quaint surrounding and captivating view to its visitors. The uniqueness of this lake is that it has a garden and some fountains which are really incredible. A stroll on the bank of Ambazari Lake with your soul mate can rejuvenate your love spirits again.

Best Time to Visit Nagpur

Summers are very scorching in Nagpur. The temperature can reach up to 49°c, so summer is not a favorable season to visit Nagpur. After summers, if you’re planning your trip in monsoon months, you should keep the rain factor in consideration because Nagpur receives heavy rainfall and all your plans might get washed out in an hour. So, plan your trip wisely. Next, comes the winters. Yes, winter is the ideal season to explore every bit of Nagpur. Even at the peak of the season, the weather never goes freezing.  It remains pleasant throughout the day. So, visit Nagpur during the winters.

How to reach Nagpur

Nagpur is one of the well-developed cities of India, so it has a high-class transportation service. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is the nearest airport to Nagpur which is only 8.8 km from the main city. Nagpur Junction Railway Station is the most suitable way to reach Nagpur. It is merely 1 km from the city that would require you hardly 5 minutes to get there. Talking about the road network, Nagpur offers a smooth journey to its visitors. Regular buses connect the city to the nearby cities and make the transportation easier. To commute within the city, myriad of autos, taxis, and rickshaws are always there.

Being the third largest city in Maharashtra, Nagpur is a major tourist destination in India. These were some of the most wonderful  places to visit in Nagpur. Form the splendor of historical monuments to the irresistible allure of enchanting lakes and from nature’s stupendous beauty to the wilderness of forests, Nagpur offers it all to its visitors. So, visit the city at least once. It will make you admire it.

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