Why education is vital in our life


“A child without education is like a bird without wings”

Very well said. But what actually the education is and what is the importance of education in society or in an individual’s life? Well, education is something that makes us capable of leading the life independently with some principles and purposes. The aim of education should not be only to earn a livelihood but to cultivate your intellectual powers, personality, and make your life abound in love, compassion, dignity, principals, and knowledge.

Education is a process of learning the things and acquiring the knowledge about everything. Education is not restricted to the confines of schools, colleges and universities rather, it is a lifelong process. From the day we born to the moment we die, the learning process of life continues. In ideal terms, education is a weapon with that you can conquer the world. It enables you to put all your potentials to the maximum use.

Importance of Education


Importance of Education in society

The importance of education in society is just indefinable. Education is the most essential and indispensable part of human life. In the early stage, it set up a strong base and paves the way for a bright future. Once you gained a good education, you can erect the soaring buildings of success on that foundation. Education shapes the future and pushes towards the success. It boosts confidence, personality, positive attitude, zest to achieve something, intelligence, and the mindfulness of a person. It makes you capable of handling all the hurdles coming in your way to success.

With the help of education, one can nourish the present and ensure the future by setting the certain goals and dreams. It stimulates people to go ahead and make their dream come true. Moreover, education can help the nation eradicating the unemployment problem and the poverty. Because educated people do the things in a different and big way which ultimately supports the economic growth. Education helps people to understand their duties to the family, society and to the nation.

Why education is valuable in society?

The importance of education is not only to an individual but also to the entire nation nation. Educated people form a civilized population for a country. The educated hands uplift the nation in every aspect and enhance the national unity and prosperity. A society which is uneducated doesn’t have proper intellectual power and can’t think on rational and logical lines. Education plays a very rudimentary role in the society and generates good and cultured surroundings.Since the beginning of human civilization, education has been a harbinger for the development of society. It helps people to cultivate the mental strength, maturity, analytical skills, character, and the physical prowess. Overall, education is an all-around development of the personality of a person.

The Three Stages of Modern Education System:

In the modern era, the education has been divided into three steps. The journey of modern education starts from the childhood and continues till the twenties. Let’s have a quick overview of modern education system of India.

Schooling –

This is the starting point of the educational journey which lays the foundation stone of the future. Generally, kids start going school between the ages of 3-5 and are trained till 12th standard in school only. Within school, there are three divisions namely ‘primary education’, ‘secondary education’, and ‘higher secondary education’. These all divisions have their own importance and they give the rock solid foundation to the kids. A good or bad schooling affects the future in respectively.


This second stage of education is done at colleges and universities. Just after completing the education at schools, students get admitted in colleges and universities. Graduation courses have many disciplines and usually, it takes 3-4 years to complete a graduate degree. Graduation degree makes a student expertise in a particular domain. Moreover, after schooling, some student join professional institute and get a specialized diploma.


This is the last stage of the educational career which gets completed in colleges and universities only after the graduation. Till graduation, the future of studentsis decided but they go for higher studies or master degree just to give an edge to their knowledge and career. Master courses last for 2-3 years.

Education is the Key to the Success?

I have been hearing this line since my childhood but never understood the meaning of this line and the importance of education in a real sense. Today, after completing my education, I can boast that yes, education is the key to the success. Well, success is in the eye of the beholder but in every aspect, it’s only the education that unlocks the door and makes you capable of moving ahead constantly. Education is a beauty that never fades with the time rather shines more and more with each passing day. On your way to success, the world might leave you alone during hard times but your education and knowledge will always be with you and will encourage you.

Education not only makes you a knowledgeable person but also an opportunity grabber and a successful leader. It enables you to take big decisions and solve the problems on your own, function at a higher level and execute the transformational ideas. In today’s competitive world, only those people are successful who are educated. Some people have completed their education but still, they are the slow runners. You know why? Because they have only collected the degrees, a piece of paper, not the actual knowledge that makes a man, a gentleman.

National Education Day:

In India, National Education Day is celebrated on 11th November every year as a mark of tribute and to commemorate the birth anniversary of legendary MaulanaAbulKalam Azad, a freedom fighter and the first education minister of independent India.  His tenure lasted from 1947 to 1958.  The Bharat Ratna awardee MaulanaAbulKalamcontributed immensely to Indian education system. He advocated girl’s education, universal primary education, technical education, vocational training, and compulsory education for all children.

In 2008, the Ministry of Human Resource Development declared 11th November as the National Education Day in the remembrance of MaulanaAbulKalam.

10 Lines on the Importance of Education in society:

  • Education helps to meet the objective of life and transforms the dreams into reality.
  • Having a good education means ample of opportunities to earn money which is ultimately everything to lead a happy life.
  • Education not only helps you to earn money but also prestige and reputation in the society. Educated people are always treated reverently.
  • Education allows you to think out of the box and makes you a rational and creative thinker.
  • With the help of our knowledge and education, people learn about various cultures thus, it gives a wide exposure to humans and makes them sophisticated.
  • Education makes you independent in every way. From your lifestyle to personal life, decision making and to the choosing career.
  • Education makes you conscious. It keeps you updated with the up-to-date world’s happening and technology. The advancement of technology is the result of education only.
  • It empowers you to work in a cross-culture environment and contribute utmost to your organization.
  • It cultivates ethical values, intellectual powers, and mental strength in a person and expands his/her vision.
  • Education enlarges the view of people over the world and makes them act like a master.

Literacy rate in India:

Since the end of British Rule, the literacy rate of India increased six times and gone to 74% from 12%. Still, this is below the world literacy rate of 84%. According to 2011 census, India has the largest number of illiterate population in all over the world. However, as compared to the previous decade, the literacy rate as well as the importance of education among the youth generation have grown up significantly. At present, men’s literacy rate stands at 82.14% and girls at 62.46%. In India, Kerala is the most literate state with the literacy of 93.91% and Bihar is the least literate state, with 63.82% literacy.

How to Improve Literacy Rate in India:

In olden Vedic periods, India was the pioneer of literacy and education around the globe.  It contributed a lot to world education but today, the irony is that India can’t secure a spot even in top 100 in list of adult literacy rate. The condition is really pathetic. But it can be improved if the entire nation comes together and put weighs on the importance of education.

Here are some steps that can be done to improve the literacy rate of India.
  • 70% of the population of India lives in rural areas. Here, People don’t have an appropriate mean of education. In some village, Pathshala System is still practiced. There is a lack of awareness. So, the government should implement an education system that can reach to the every corner of every village.
  • People should get out of their narrow thinking. Please!Girls are not born to serve the men all their life. Let them get out of the four walls of your house. They too have got the potential to reach the moon.
  • Government should take double standard and gender inequality as a crime.
  • There are many students who are brilliant but can’t continue their study because of financial struggle. The government should support them by providing the scholarship.
  • There should be more and more reputable government schools, colleges, and universities so that no one remains penurious to education.


For a person, education is as essential as a sword for a warrior. With the help of your knowledge, you can defend yourself from the shrewd world and can reach to the sky-touching heights of success. An illiterate person can do nothing and is always dependent on others. People exploit him/her. The living example of ‘importance of education in society’ is British Rule in India. At that time, if Indians had been educated enough, British would never have ruled us and exploited in such a horrid way. So, it’s only the education that makes people aware of everything.

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