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career in foreign languages


Career in foreign languages? This is the question I asked myself million times before learning a foreign language. And today, after learning it for three years, the all I can say it is just awesome. You should never restrict yourself within the confines of your mother tongue because the knowledge of a foreign language not only makes you feel unique but also opens a number of career opportunities. Learning a different language is actually getting closer to a new people and learning a whole new culture. Knowledge in different languages differs you from the others in every aspect. Also, there are job opportunities for foreign language graduates.

job opportunities for foreign language graduates


As a child, everyone cherishes a dream to become something. But as time changes, dreams change too. Some people chase their childhood dreams but most of the time our childhood dreams vanish from our heart as soon as we reach in our college. Because at this point we are matured enough to experience the real picture of the world and come out of our fantasy-types dreams.

At this stage, we definitely ask at least once to our inner soul ‘which field has the better scope, various opportunities, and career growth?’ and in response to this question, we end up getting admission in engineering, medical or management colleges. So everyone is rushing to become doctor, engineer, and programmer. Don’t you think you should stand out of the crowd? Gone are the days when language was only a medium of expression. Now due to globalization, the demand for multi-linguists is on the hike. The scope of a career in foreign languages is stupendous and emerging every single day. Here are a few career options you can try as a multi-linguist.The job opportunities for foreign language graduates are as follows:


Needless to say, this is the first thing that hits the mind when one thinks about the career in foreign languages. Initially, every foreign language learner intends to become a translator only. For that matter, you have to be a language expert. You should be able to understand the source language and the target language very well. You should be capable of understanding the text between the lines. Once your feet are dipped in translating water, tons of job offers are waiting for you. You don’t have to grab all. Just grab the one. They will pay you as much as you want and won’t let you go away either.


Interpreter- this profession makes the second spot as a booming career in foreign languages. An interpreter needs a meticulous understanding of the language because he\she orally translates the content. I must say, being an interpreter is not easy. To become an interpreter, you need to have the command over the language as your mother tongue. You have to be very quick and spontaneous because listening to the words and translating them into the target language simultaneously is not easy but not too difficult either. Once you have put efforts in ruling the language, I assure, then you are done. Now you don’t have to put efforts in earning money. The Money will come to you.


Do I need to tell you that this is also a career opportunity after learning the foreign language? In fact, most of the foreign language degree holders end up with this career opportunity. If you’re not fluent in the foreign language, then this is the best option for you. Obviously, I’m not telling you to become a professor. Here, with teacher, I mean, a school teacher. For the school kids, you don’t need language fluency and good vocal skill. Just a deep knowledge of grammar and vocabulary are enough to be a good language teacher. If you have good command over the language, you can join any university.

Writer/ freelancer/ language blogger

This one is my favorite. As the scope of a career in foreign languages is thriving, being the on-demand writer, freelancer, and a language blogger can be the most stress-free career option. Here, you work in your own way and the best thing, as a blogger, you express your ideas in front the world-readers. You can write in foreign language or can write in the English language about your particular foreign language. Another thing I like about this career that there is no dearth of work and you get to work on different topics. Languages are the way to express yourself. Be it human, animal, bird or any other creature, everyone needs a language to communicate and build a relationship with each other.

Tour Guide

Everyone wants to travel the world for free of cost. Right? Well, this career option will allow you to travel at least your own country for free. Maybe, this is why it is a loved job opportunities for foreign language graduates. Just go through the official formalities and join a travel agency. You’re done. You’ll get all your expenses. Maybe, this is why it is an evergreen career in foreign language sectors. You’ll also get a chance to meet and learn new people daily. This will not only make you more socialize and sophisticated but also improve your language vocal skills. If you don’t want to work as a full-time tour guide, you can work part-time. While on the hunt of your desired job, this will surely make you some good money as well as help you to tackle with the career crisis

The opportunities as a prosperous career in foreign languages are endless and the best thing about them is that they’re relatively less competitive. I just named out the prominent ones. There are a lot more full-time as well as part-time career opportunities that one can try after learning a foreign language.

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