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Located next to Dwarka, Somnath is another religious city from Gujarat.  Don’t mistake it with ‘Sarnath’ as they both are the religious as well as ancient cities. Sarnath is famous for Gautam Buddha and Somnath is famous for being the home of one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Hindu religion. The city has even got a detailed description in Hindu mythology that’s why it also holds the honor of being one of the oldest cities in India. The city is associated with many legendary stories. Somnath is actually a temple-city, so the tourism of the city primarily revolves around the temples. There are also a few other types of tourists places. Here, we’ll discuss all the places to visit in Somnath in the detail. So, let’s start off:

Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple is actually the sole reason for the popularity of Somanth. In fact, the name of the city derives from the name of the temple only. Out of twelve Jyotirlinga Temples of the country, Somnath is the first one. From Bhagavad Gita to Shiva Purana, and Rig Veda, Somnath Temple has been detailed accounted in the high-revered Hindu manuscripts. The temple is said to have existed since the ancient era. Over the ages, it has witnessed many Muslim invades which have demolished the marvelous construction of the temple but the Shivalinga is intact even today.  The enormous loot of Somnath Temple by Mahmud Gaznavi is widely famous in Indian history. The temple we see today as Somnath Temple was revamped by the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel after the Indian independence.  The religious significance is the major reason that Somnath Temple entices millions of tourists annually. So, keep Somnath Temple first on your list and seek the blessings of almighty.

Somnath Beach

Yes, a beach in Somanth. Somanth is certainly one of the most religious cities of India which stands next to the cities like Allahabad, Mathura and Varanasi in terms of spirituality but it also offers the modern-age vibrancy to its visitors unlike the earlier mentioned cities. The interesting fact is that the vivacity of Somnath Beach sparkles just beside the Somnath Temple. Due to windy waves, swimming or the water sports activities are not allowed in this beach and I think you won’t need that either. Just take a long stroll amid the cool breeze at the stunning coastline of Somanth Beach capturing the awe-inspiring views of nature and counting the waves of the beach. Believe me, these fascinating waves will surely rejuvenate your love spirits.

Parshuram temple

Have you heard any other Parshuram Temple in the country? No, right? Well, this is why this temple is very famous in Somnath. According to legend, this is the place where Parshuram did a hard penance to appease Lord Shiva as he (Parshuram) had slayed the Kshatriyas 21 times. The temple is very old. You can assume it from the architecture of the temple. There is a stone-statue of Parshuram with the ‘Pharsha’ (his weapon).  The scented aura of this temple makes it a must-visit place in Somnath. In fact, this particular area is still considered divine by many saints for the meditation.

Triveni Sangam Temple

If you have visited Allahabad ever, you might be aware of the term ‘Triveni Sangam’. Triveni Sangam is actually a nerve center where three rivers meet together and get merged into each other. The Triveni Sangam of Somnath is the confluence of the holy rivers Hiran, Kapila, and Saraswati. Triveni Sangam is considered to be a ‘Moksha Tirtha’ in Hindu mythology, so don’t forget to take a dip in the holy water of the confluence. Apart from the confluence of the rivers, there is one other thing that makes Triveni Sangam so pious and that is the cremation site of Lord Shree Krishna.  Yes, Triveni Sangam is believed to be the place where Shree Krishna left his body. On that site, a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna has been constructed and it is known as the Triveni Sangam Temple or the Chatri of Shree Krishna. Don’t miss a visit to this divine place.

Bhalka Tirth

The word ‘Bhalka’ is derived from Hindi word ‘Bheel’ which means the huntsman. Bhalka Tirth is actually the place where Lord Shree Krishna was shot by an arrow by a huntsman who misunderstood the eyes of Shree Krishna as that of the deer’s. At that place, a temple was built when Lord Krishna left the earth. In this temple, you can see the stone-statue of Shree Krishna as well as of that huntsman. Shree Krishna is shown in a resting posture and the huntsman is seeking forgiveness in front of him. Just outside Bhalka Tirth, there is a ‘Geeta Mandir. Visit this one too. The central attraction in Geeta Mandir is the 18 marbled pillars. In each of these pillars, a chapter of Geeta has been inscribed.

Best time to visit Somnath

The splendor of Somnath remains same the year-round. You can visit anytime but it’s the weather that creates a hurdle sometimes. Summers are extremely hot in Somnath, so avoid them if possible. Monsoon months are also not a good choice because the rain can ruin all your plans. The best time to visit Somnath is winters. During these months, the temperature remains between 12°C – 30°C, so you can explore all the places without any problem.

How to reach Somnath

Being a major tourist destination, Somnath is easily accessible by the all modes of transportation. The easiest way to reach the city is by railways. The nearest railway station is Veraval and it is merely 6 km from the city. If you’re going by airways, Diu Airport would be the most approachable for you. It is 60 km from Somnath. If we talk about roadways, the city is well-linked to the nearby states as well as major cities of India. To commute within the city, myriad of autos and taxis are always there.

From being a divine city to the dreadful destructions caused by the Muslim rulers and then again to a remarkable reformation, Somnath has come has a long way. It truly had saw the ravages of time but withstood against every onslaught. In Somnath, you won’t only get to see some outstanding places but city will connect to the Indian history. So, visit and learn more about our history.



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