Top 5 places to visit in Ghaziabad

Places to visit in Ghaziabad


Located 19 km from the national capital New Delhi and 46 km from Meerut, Ghaziabad is widely known as ‘The Gateway to Uttar Pradesh’. Being a part of ‘National Capital Region of Delhi’, the city is highly developed and is also a loving tourist destination. Ghaziabad receives huge influx of visitors mainly because its proximity to New Delhi. So, whosoever comes to visit Delhi, also visits Ghaziabad. The city got its name from the founder Ghazi-ud-Din. Later on the name was modified to Ghaziabad. Though the city is proximate to New Delhi and Agra, it doesn’t boast a very renowned history.  Ghaziabad is primarily known as an industrial city and a hub of shopping centers. There are also many unequalled temples that give the visitors the spiritual vibes against the new-age vibrancy of the city. So, let’s explore what Ghaziabad has in store to offer its visitors.

Iskcon Temple

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, Iskcon Temple is the major tourist attraction in Ghaziabad. It is managed by the Iskcon society and is the most-visited and popular among the all other Iskcon Temples of the country. The spectacular architecture of temple leaves the visitors astonishing and to add more to their amusement, the marble walls are adorned with the elaborate paintings inspired from Indian mythology. The temple is always flooded with the visitors still there remains always a surreal peace that will make you feel happy and contented for unknown reasons. The constantly playing tunes of Mahamantra ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ touch everyone’s heart. The atmosphere of Iskcon always remains so spiritual that here even a wicked person starts chanting the Mahamantra. Nobody can understand the God but if you want to get closer to his teachings, Iskcon Museum is the best place for you. So, spend some time here and satiate yourself in spirituality. Evening is the ideal time to visit Isckon Temple because, during the evening Aarti, Iskcon Temples renders an aura as if heaven is here only. And the fountain show within the premises of Iskcon Temple is indeed a visual treat for the eyes.

Mohan Nagar and Dadri

These two are actually two different towns of Ghaziabad and have nothing to do with each other. Located 23 km from each other, Mohan Nagar and Dadri are the seal marks in the industrial reputation of Ghaziabad. Both the regions are probably the most hi-tech area of the city. They house many factories, technical industries, and breweries. So, visit these two towns and judge yourself why Ghaziabad is tagged as an industrial city. Dadri is well known for housing the world’s largest power project. It also has a coal-fired thermal power plant and one gas-fired plant. These things are certainly not a tourist buff but surely deserve a visit because reading about the power plants and the industries is one thing and watching it all live is completely a different experience. Don’t spend much time but you can give at least 1 hour.

Swarna Jayanti Park

Ghaziabad cares for its visitors. Though the city is a highly industrialized city, it still offers a place where you can go for a family picnic or just for a strolling amid the lush greenery or to spend some quality time with yourself in the utter tranquillity. Yes, Swarna Jayanti Park is the picnicker’s delight in Ghaziabad.  Dotted with the awe-inspiring plush greenery, Swarna Jayanti Park is the most panoramic place in Ghaziabad. The small lake increases the charisma of this park hundreds time more.  The lake also offers boat riding, so if you want to go for the boat riding with your loved ones, you can’t find a more romantic place than this in Ghaziabad. The park encompasses the total area of 1.6 km and is well-maintained by the management.

Dudheshwar Nath Mandir

Dedicated to Lord Mahadeva, Dudheshwar Temple is the most popular and pious shrine in Ghaziabad. It is always swamped by the local devotees and also entices millions of worldwide tourists annually. The temple has a fascinating story of its existence tracing back the time period of thousands of years ago. It is said that once a cow had filled up a pit, dug by her, with her milk in this site. Considering it a miracle, the then local people built here a shrine and installed Lord Shiva as the presiding deity. This is how the temple got its name ‘Dudheshwar Nath Temple’. However, today the temple has been further constructed. Along with the interesting story of its origin, the temple also has a commanding architectural beauty.

Sai Upvan

If the multitude gathering of Dudheshwar Nath Temple didn’t let you feel peace and contentment, head over to Sai Upvan. Located on GT Road close to River Hindon, Sai Upvan will not let you down. It is the heaven of tranquility and the sea of spirituality. Girdled by the sweeping lush gardens and quaint surroundings from all around, Sai Upvan is a monastery that houses an appealing shrine of Sai Baba. The utter peace of this place creates an aura that can urge anybody to embark on the paths of spirituality. Even if you’re not a Sai Baba’s follower, visit this scenic spot and relish the natural beauty.

Shopping in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is primarily known for the top-class shopping complexes. Even people from Delhi prefer to do shopping in the Ghaziabad malls. Shipra Mall, Shopprix Mall, Mahugun Metro, EDM Mall Vaishali, Gaur Central, and Opulent Mall are some of the shopping hubs of the Ghaziabad that offer huge range of verities. The best thing about these shopping centers is that they’re not costly at all. Here, you’ll get everything at a reasonable price. Unlike other cities, Ghaziabad hasn’t many street markets but these top-notch malls won’t let you feel the need of those bustling markets. From a little zip to an imported item, you can get here all at rock-bottom prices. So, when you’re in Ghaziabad, don’t forget to go on a shopping spree in the world-class malls.

Best time to visit Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is located in an area that experiences the extreme of summer and winter and also a good deal of rainfall. So, wherever you would visit Ghaziabad, you’re likely to experience the peak of that particular season. In summers, there is scorching heat. The winter nights are freezing in Ghaziabad and in monsoon months, at times, Ghaziabad seems to be a floating city. So, without thinking much about the best time to explore Ghaziabad, just plan your trip. Ghaziabad hasn’t much to explore, so you can easily be done with sightseeing in 1or 2 days. Don’t bother about the seasons. Yeah, if you’re going to cover Agra and Delhi sightseeing as well, visit in early winters.

How to reach Ghaziabad

Its location on outskirts of New Delhi makes it easily accessible. The city is very well connected by the railways, roadways, as well as airways. Located 46 km from the main city, Indira Gandhi International Airport is the nearest airport to Ghaziabad. Connecting the national as well as international flights, this airport always has flights on frequent intervals. For the Indians, railways are the best way to reach Ghaziabad as Ghaziabad Railway Station is located in the middle of city, so from railway station, you can go to any direction of the city without any hassle. Talking about the road network, this is where Ghaziabad beats the most of the cities of India and proofs that it is indeed an industrial city. The city has a top-class bus service that connects it to the nearby cities. Metro and local trains are yet other possibilities to explore the city but yes, they both don’t connect the entire Ghaziabad. So, you would need to hire taxis, autos or buses.

These are the most significant places to visit in Ghaziabad. In Ghaziabad, don’t expect the history buff and architectural wonders. The city is all about the new-age vibrancy and spirituality at the same time. Shopping malls, hi-tech industries, spiritual places, and the impressive temples sum up the tourism in Ghaziabad.


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