How to pamper your body during winter

pamper your body during seasonal changes


Pampering your body during winter is not easy because during these months, our skin doesn’t tend to be as smooth as in other seasons. It’s indeed a dry season for the skin. Our hands get rough, lips get all chapped, hairs get fuzzy and tangled and face gets completely dull and dried up. That’s why you need to give extra care to your skin and body during winter. Give out just 10 minutes daily and your skin will thank you. Here I’ll tell you one by one how you can pamper your body in winter. So let’s start off:


So your hands are rough, scaly and cracked? I know you’re feeling like hell looking at them and want to get rid of this rough skin anyhow. So don’t worry this article will help you to get smoother skin. Generally, hands are exposed to the harsh wind all the time that’s why the soft skin of hands gets affected very soon. A little care can do wonders to your hands. Wear gloves every time you go outside. It will protect hands from severe seasonal change.

Dip your hands in lukewarm water daily for 5-10 minutes and massage softly. For a soft skin, moisturizer is the best friend. Keep it always with yourself and keep applying it at frequent intervals. Don’t let your hands be dry and rough throughout the day.

You can give a special care to your hands while you are sleeping because at night your hands are in rest and whatever you would apply, will last for 7-8 hours. So before going to bed apply deep conditioning night cream or coconut oil on your hands and massage for 2 minutes then wear gloves overnight (you can wear even useless socks).


The severe wind and abnormal temperature is harmful not only to the hands but also to your face? So when you step outside, cover your face to protect your skin from evil wind and never skip the sunscreen even though you’re not fond of makeup stuff. I know it’s impossible to escape from the terrible clutches of winter. Face remains dried up and dull every time. So what all you can do for a healthier skin is to pamper your body during seasonal changes.

Pamper your body in winter and keep it moisturized and hydrated throughout the day, no matter its dry or oily skin. Don’t leave your skin untreated for a long time. Use lukewarm water every time you wash your face. And must wash your face and apply moisturizer before going to bed.  This way your face would remain moisturized for 7-8 hours and you will say happy morning with a beautiful skin.


Every girl craves for beautiful, silky and shiny hairs but nursing them is difficult especially if you have the long hairs. When you leave your hairs open all the time, they get messy and damaged.  So you need to pamper your hairs. If you will love your hairs, they will make you loved as well.

The ultimate secret to beautiful hairs is to give your hair scalps sufficient oil and save them from dust. Deep massage your hairs with heated oil (that much you can bear) for at least 10 minutes twice in a week. It makes hairs stronger from inside.  Oiled hairs catch dust very much so it’s advisable to apply oil only a night before washing.

Always use lukewarm water to wash your hairs especially during the weather changes because cold water makes the hairs tangled even more. To prevent breakage and hair split avoid brushing wet hairs. Use wide-tooth comb for wet hairs.


Beautiful and rosy lips make you look even more beautiful and gorgeous. But a rough weather change snatches this beauty from you. The lips skin is very delicate and sensitive. It gets affected with even a slight harsh touch. So how can it bear the severe cold wind and weather? Therefore, while pampering your body during seasonal changes, don’t forget to take care of your lips. After all, the flaky, chapped and dull lips look bad.

Avoid lipstick if you can and use a suitable moisturizing lip balm. Don’t keep licking or biting your lips. It will lead in chapped lips. Keep your lip balm or Vaseline in your handbag every time and keep applying it in frequent time period. Needless to say, quit smoking and consuming alcohol for god sake if you really want beautiful lips.

These are some of the best beauty secrets to pamper your body in winter. You can follow them without putting much effort. You just have to take care of your daily routine and nothing else. If you know any other tips please let us know by commenting here.

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