9 Mind training exercises to improve your mental health

mind training exercise
mind training exercise


Mind training exercises are as important as any other physical exercises . Mind Training is not something to train yourself like a dog or a pet animal rather it’s about developing mental strength and a cognitive attention. Mind training exercises help you to get over stress and negative thoughts which are today actually the most common problems among the youths. Just like physical muscles, our mind has also muscles. These muscles need brain challenges so that they can be stretched completely. Thus, focus fibers grow and you become mentally strong. Sitting all the day on a couch will never help you strengthen the brain muscles.  To achieve brain’s cognitive reserve you have to dig deeper and use your mind like a computer, sharp and instant.

Find out below some mind training exercises that will help you beef up brain muscles, concentration power, and mental strength.


The first thing you can do is meditation.  Meditation not only keeps you cool, calm, and fresh but also increases your attention span. In today’s technical era, it has become impossible to concentrate on only one point at a time. Meditation boosts concentration power and mindfulness.  To achieve a super attention power, you don’t need to spend your entire day meditating. Just devote 10-20 minutes a day to meditation and see improvements in three weeks. This is the best mind training exercise.

 Use up your mental energy in productive things

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It’s not like that you have got lesser mental energy than your intelligent friend. But it’s the way of spending it that creates a difference.  Wasting your mind and time ruminating about the things you can’t control affects your mental energy critically. So, stop thinking about uncontrolled things and start mentally preparing yourself for the consequences. For example- if your results are going to be declared, sitting and thinking about it consistently won’t provide you good grades. So rather than being nervous, you can try to be mentally strong.

Be an attentive listener and a curious person

It’s not only one of the most useful mind training exercises but also a good habit. The ability to be mentally and physically present is truly a talent. Whether you’re in a workplace or with your friends or loved ones, you can be there fully present only if you’re an attentive listener.  Being attentive not only smoothens your relationship but also builds up the concentration muscles. Consequently, focus power improves and curiosity for new things enhances. The more curious you be, the more active your mind will be.

Build your willpower

How funny and worthless it would be if you’re running in a race but don’t know the destination. Don’t make your life such a void race. Have some dreams, goals, and willpower. Strive hard to make your dreams come true. Doing so, you would feel good. Your mind would be happy and your willpower certainly be raised. If you have a robust willpower, you would try to gain more and more every other day. As a result, you would be mentally strong. A high willpower distracts us from bogus things and builds a cognitive focus power.

Do calculation in your head

Is math your favorite subject? No? Then do the math calculation in your head every time without the help of a paper and pen. Solving complex problems activates all the brain muscles and boosts mental energy and intelligence. It’s actually a win-win condition for you. In between developing mental strength, your math will also be brushed up.

Do the things you don’t love to

Sounds silly? Right? But it is very necessary in order to develop the brain in an adequate manner. Doing so, the brain gets stretched up completely. According to research, when you do your favorite things, your mind remains passive. The procedure of doing that thing is recorded in mind so well that you can do it even in sleep. It’s like eating up a food, happens naturally. So, always explore new things with full zest. This makes mind active, curious and concentrated.

Jumble-spell word game

This is the one of the most tried and popular mind training exercises. Get some jumble characters written by someone else and try to order the characters in right form within a certain time. For example – oigcanrdc or tvlpeneomde. Reorder these characters and form a word within 10 sec. Can you do this? Thus, this game straightens up all the brain nerves and helps mind to become more active. In addition to that, it also improves the mental speed and the power to identify the things.

Crossword, Sudoku, and Jigsaw

These three games might seem outdated and faded in front of countless computer games but they’re ageless. The more you indulge yourself in these games, the sharper your mind would be. These games stimulate the cognitive abilities of mind and diminish the risk of Dementia. Doing something complicated over a long period of time is the best way to sharpen your brain.

Recall, Recall, and Recall

This is very good and useful trick if you want to see your memory power and mental strength. Make a list of a particular category in a paper. It might be stationery items, household items, accessories or anything. Now keep your pen and paper off and forget what you did just now. After 2-3 hours, try to memorize every single word in your head and see how many words you can recall. Thus, mental stimulation improves and the memory power beefs up.

Today, technical development has provided us a lot of comforts and conveniences but at the same time, it has snatched the concentration power of a man. To deal with modern distractions, you can take shelter of these mind training exercises and can lead a flourishing life.

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