How a roar of laughter can give you a long life

benefits of laughter


“Laughter is the best medicine”

We read and hear this hundreds times a day but do we really give a moment to think about it? Well today, I’ll tell you why you should wear a smile not only in front of the camera but also in front of the life mirror? Why laughing is necessary and how can it promote your health and personality? is laughter good for your body? So many questions together, got panicked?  Please don’t let your smile fade away. I’ll cover up the things one by one.

Life would be much easier if you learn to laugh at silly things, appreciate even little and contribute the big. Whether it’s a simple smile or a side-splitting roar of laughter or an eye-watering giggle, it can change the intensity of the situation in a fraction of a second. It boosts your personality and helps you cultivate the firm relationships. Not only this, the deep-rooted belly laugh is a boon to your health and benefits us, the human beings, in many ways. Read on to find top 5 amazing benefits of laughter:

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Internal workout:

Do you remember, when had you last time a tummy- hurting guffaw that made you roll on the floor? Hmmm, still remembering? Then I must say, don’t make your life so dull buddy. Laugh your heart out every day because a good belly laugh stretches the back muscles, the diaphragm, lungs and the abs. It also stretches up all the organs and makes them function smoothly. Trust me, you won’t need to specially assign 10 minutes for the internal workouts. A roar of laughter can do this job easily and precisely.

Relieves stress & pain:

This is a no-brainer the more you laugh, the better you feel. It doesn’t only make you forget your pain but also reduces tension, anxiety, irritation and depression. According to the research, laughter is probably the best therapy for the people who are suffering from depression. Thus a good laughter promotes well-being in daily life. Furthermore, it also helps you to have a deep and peaceful sleep. This is one of the most significant benefits of laughter.

Boosts immune system:

“Laughter is the best medicine.” According to the science, laughter boosts the immune system. It increases T-cells, immune cells and infection- fighting antibodies, thus defends you from many diseases. When we laugh, our T- cells instantly get activated and help us fight off any kind of sickness. It lowers stress hormones which results in higher immune system performance. Moreover, it also burns calories and produces a natural energy in you. Do you still need to ask is laughter good for your body? I guess, no.

Grows your friend circle:

Tell me, would you like to befriend with a boring and dull person? Obviously not, no? So be an easy-going and a cheerful person. This raises your social presence. People will feel happy and entertained around you. Laughter is just contagious. Laughing not only lightens up your mood but also the mood of those around you. It leads you to build energetic and joyful relations.

A good laughter not only improves your social presence but also promotes your career growth. Want an example? See Siddhu Paa Ji, look at his journey from a laughter king to the cabinet minister of Punjab. OMG, this much career growth.  From now onward, I’ll keep laughing 24*7. Let’s see where would be I after some years. If you also want this much career growth, start laughing from today and now itself.  Anyway jokes apart, a good hearty laugh seriously promotes your overall sense of well-being.

Reduces the risk of heart diseases:

This one is terrific, seriously. You might find it surprising but believe me, this is a fact. The more you laugh, the better blood circulates, the stronger your heart gets.  A heart out laughter lessens the risk of heart diseases. When we laugh, the blood flow increases, circulation improves and accordingly the blood pressure rises. But when we stop laughing on regular basis, it drops back to its normal level. In this whole procedure, our heart gets exercised and stronger. Thus, it lessens the risk of stroke and heart attack.

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These are some of the most useful benefits of laughter. Do you still wonder is laughter good for your body? No? So, always KEEP SMILING! KEEP LAUGHING!

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