Why Running- The health benefits of running

benefits of running
benefits of running


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Even when my body refuses to run, my heart screams loudly against my body. As being a health conscious person, I end up listening to my heart. Maybe, my heart knows better the benefits of running. In fact, we all are running in our life. But only some are running for their life. Even you tell me, who has time to sit and relax in today’s strenuous lifestyle. Some are running for money, some are running for their love (I just salute their love) and some are running for their dreams but in the hubbub of life, people forget to run for their health.

Yes, I’m talking about the running that benefits you, your health and your life. “Health is wealth” really very well said. In today’s world, everyone is running for the wealth but only a few are running for the health which is ultimately the real wealth. Today, let’s learn all about the running. How should you run, why should you run, and what are the benefits of running.

What is the meaning of RUNNING for you?

I know, you are thinking that I am the dumbest person on the earth because I am asking such a silly question. Yet, I’ll stick to this question only. Before talking about the benefits of running, tell me, what is RUNNING actually for you?  What Usain Bolt does?  Or what any other player does? Or what a jogger does? Of course, they all are involved in a running activity and this is what that makes them fit and active. But their purpose and way of running is different. So here I mean to say, first of all, you should actually know the purpose of running. Of course, everyone’s purpose won’t be to run like Usain Bolt and bag a gold medal in the racing.

How much should you run?

As I stated above, before running you should know the purpose of running. Means, why should you run. If you have a specific goal, you have to run accordingly until your goal is achieved. For example, you are running to lose your weight, so run intensely as far as you can if you really want to get the utmost benefits of running. Running is not about how far, it’s about how hard, how fast and how vigorous. Just going outside and piddling around even for 10 miles has not that much worth that 1 mile’s intense and energetic running has. So, however much you run, run intensely.  If you don’t have a specific goal and you’re running just for your fitness and vigor, then 25-30 minute’s intense running is ideal for you.

How should you run?

Again, you have to bear with my another silly question. Right? I know but I want you to answer this question. You should always run in a way that doesn’t turn out to be harmful to you? Running is an exercise and you should do it like an exercise only. Don’t run in off and on basis. Run daily that too with full energy. Before running, set a distance and time. And try to finish it off in that certain time. Gradually, add a little distance and lessen the time in your running sessions. Don’t breathe out from your mouth. Let your nose do its work. Carry water with yourself and have a sip (not more than one) when your throat gets dry but don’t drink just before and just after the running. Give 1-2 minutes gap. Don’t run just after having the food.

Why should you run?

Finally, let’s answer the question why should you run. If you’re running daily, I don’t think then you need any other exercise to remain fit, active and energetic. Running is good for your legs, lungs, heart, mind and entire body. It lifts your mood when you’re down. It enhances your stamina and vigor.  Running is actually the best way to increase your overall level health. Running makes every body part to function well. It boosts our immune system and prevents many diseases. Running daily not only makes our heart stronger but also lowers down the risk of heart attack. Needless to say, running is the best exercise to lose weight. It burns off you’re the extra calories and gives you a perfect body. It also relieves you from the stress and depression. When you are depressed or stressed and want to do something raging and turbulent, running can be the best idea to calm yourself down.

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Why shouldn’t you run too much?

Well, ‘Excess of everything’ is bad.  In order to get the best results, you have to do the things in a certain limit that too in a regulated way. Everything has its own rules and manners. Be it game, exercise, education, relationship or even the life, everywhere there are certain rules and we are bound to strictly follow them in order to do the things precisely. When it comes to running, too much running with improper ways or unfitting footwear often turns out to be a negative exercise. It causes entire body ache and makes you feel tired and lazy. When you run with a pace more than your normal pace, your stomach gets hurt in either side. When you run too much, you actually burn off your calories too much.  That is very harmful to your health. So running should be done in moderation.

Needless to say, running is best exercise for our health.  We are already running for so many things in this world. So can’t we run for our health? We are giving our entire life to a person (life partner), to our work, to our organization, so can’t give just 30 minutes daily to ourself?  These 30 minutes will make diseases run away from you. Ponder about it! And tell me. Isn’t it wise to run for health, run for life and run for yourself?

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