Friends are the real assets in life. Cherish them!

Essay on friend


‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. Heard this quotation million times, right? But have you ever fathomed the meaning of this line? Well, having hundreds of friends is not a big thing, rather you should have at least one such friend who stands with you when the world is against you. That is your real asset beyond money and all other property. Seriously, friends are asset. You might be a well-off person but you’ll be poor unless you don’t have someone who’ll be there for you even at 12 at the night. Finding a true friend is hard and keeping it until your last breath is even harder.

Why friends are asset in life?

In our life, every relationship has its own importance but a friend’s relation outdoes all. Be it a parent-child or the husband-wife relation, there is always some expectations, responsibilities, and duties from both sides. But you know there is a relationship which is above all, beyond all the expectations, demands, and conditions. Here, you find the never-dying love like your loved ones, the utmost care like your mother, a wholehearted support like a brother and a shielding protection like your parents and this relationship is called FRIEND. This is why friends are asset.

An ever-lasting relationship

Of course, all the relationships are founded on the base of unyielding trust and love but at some point, they get decrepit with the passage of time. Call it a priority change or the rough condition of life but it happens with everybody. It’s only the true friends who always walk with you through the thick and thin, cry in your sorrow, rejoice your happiness, listen to you, read your soul, correct you, scold you but at the same time love you unconditionally, genuinely, and immeasurably. The entire world will laugh at your failure and be jealous of your success but it’s only a loyal friend who becomes even happier than you in your property and stands by you like a steadfast pillar in your distress. At the bleak hours of misery and sorrow, even your loved ones might desert you but a true friend will always be there to lend a shoulder to cry on whenever you need it.

Key to happiness

Surrounding yourself with the people you love is undoubtedly the key to the happiness. When you’re with friends, you’ll be happy no matter what the situation is. You not only share your happiness and sorrow with the friends but you also get the solution of your problems many a time. According to research, friends are the key to the happiness and the reasons are obvious. Even you tell me, have you ever felt low or sad when you’re with your real friends? Well, I don’t know about you but I never feel low when I’m with my best buddies. A good friend makes us better in many ways.


Luckiest are those who have such faithful friends. Believe me, buddy! You must have done some good deeds. That’s why God has blessed you with the most beautiful gift of life. People come and go in our life but it’s only a few who makes a place in the heart. So make sure you don’t lose such gems in the hubbub of life.


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