How to conquer career crisis in 20s and 30s

how to conquer career crisis


Career Crisis! These words are disaster in itself. But relax buddy! It’s just a job, not a life that you can’t regain. Career crisis happens in everyone’s life. This is a challenge that no one is prepared for. You’re suddenly told “you’re dismissed” or suddenly something such happens that you feel just to dumb your job and walk away. At this bleak hour you look back your so far journey and feel like your precious talent, time and energy went in vain. You’re discouraged head over heels and the world seems so much darker to you that your eyes even can’t see the open doors. Read on this article. It will help you get out of depression and defeat your career breakdowns.

how to conquer career crisis

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Believe in yourself.

“Believe in yourself, and rest will fall into place. Have faith in your abilities and there is nothing you can’t accomplish.” – Brad Henry.

These three words are actually the ultimate Mantra( secret) to defeat any crisis and come out of any storm. God blessed you with indomitable talents. Your company couldn’t identify them, it doesn’t mean you have no talents. Spend some time with your inner soul and listen to it. Your heart always leads you the right path. Identify your talents and recall your dreams. Let them come out of your heart cage and sour in the world. It’s better to walk alone even in an unknown but heart leaded path rather than piddling around in a marble path with tiring feet. Remember! You’re not alone in this rough phase. This line has actually two meanings. First, you’re not the only one who encountered this. Even before you so many people have been trapped in this cage. And they successfully came out of it too. So learn from them and believe in your powers. Second, you must thank god that he has given you a supportive family who stand by you in every ups and down. Speak to your family, friends and close ones. You would feel better. They will guide you, encourage you and cheer you up.

Leave everything and go for a vacation

Going for a vacation is always the best solution when you’re mentally broken and tired. It relieves you from every pain and gives you inner peace. So decide your favorite destination and go for at least one week’s break. Forget the world and enjoy the fullest. After one week when you would be back, you will find yourself with a new energy, new zeal, new thoughts and new ideas. Find the reason why it happened Now you almost got over it. You have new and innovative thoughts in your fresh mind. First of all, look back and try to find out why it happened. This is actually the vital part. Committing a mistake is not a sin but repeating is. So find out where you were lacking. Why you had to face this break-down? Do a complete research about it. And when you get the answers to your questions, correct your mistakes and move on.

Embrace the change and get over your fears

Change is the law of nature. You can’t walk through the same path in your entire life. Changes are necessary, else life would be dull and faded. If you’re facing a career break-down, it means you need to make a change. Embracing a change is never easy but you have to be courageous. Find out your fears. Take on your fears one by one and then face what you’re most afraid of. Facing a new change and your fears successfully are the greatest accomplishment you can achieve in your life.

Passion matters regardless of money and status

If your work doesn’t align with your passion and talents, I must say you’re just wasting your time, no matter you’re getting lacs per months. Career is not about money and status, it’s about passion and talents. Everyone has something unique and doing that drives him/her crazy. So go with your uniqueness and your passion. While choosing your career, take permission from your heart otherwise your body would be working, your heart would be resting, your talents would be getting rusted and you would be facing career crisis every other day.

Start a new journey with full confidence and zeal.

Now, you’re completely got over your career crisis. You are fully confident, enthusiastic and looking forward to something new. There comes a point in life when you find yourself at such a juncture that you don’t know where to go, what to do, and how to do. At this time, go somewhere deep in your heart listen to it. Follow it where it leads you. Though you no idea what the hell you’re doing but after some years, you would be thanking yourself for following your heart.

These five hacks will surely help you to get successfully out of your career crisis.

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