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What is the meaning of hobby?

I have written million times on the topic ‘hobby’ in my school days. And today again my mind is buzzed with the thoughts of hobbies. The only difference is that as a child, I never fathomed why hobbies are important in our life but today I understand it all well and you do too. Right? Still, let me define what a hobby is actually? Because if a kid like me is reading this article, he/she would definitely need the definition of the hobby.

A hobby is actually is a pursuit that we undertake in leisure time for the pleasure and enjoyment. It is a non-occupational activity that is a kind of pastime for the busy and strenuous person. The purpose of hobbies is not to earn money but to earn amusement and self-pleasure. There is no certain time for hobbies. You can do whenever you want and as long as you want. It all depends on your taste and love for that particular activity. Hobbies can be mental or physical activities. In either way, they are beneficial to an individual. Hobbies actually promote the overall wellbeing.

Interestingly, the word hobby has been adopted from the term ‘Hobby-horse’ which is actually a toy with that children use to play in their childhood.

Why hobbies are important in our life?

why hobbies are important in our life


“If you’re losing your leisure lookout, it may be you’re losing your soul.”- Virginia Woolf.

Very well said. The line perfectly describes why hobbies are important in our life. Hobby is not something a man is born with rather it is developed with the flow of time. The one who fails to cultivate any hobby is bound to remain sad, solitary, and frustrated throughout the life. Time hangs heavy on his shoulders and life become a complete blackout for him. Therefore, people must have at least one hobby that gives them the utter pleasure and inner peace.

The main purpose of hobbies is to squeeze out every bit of happiness in your spare time and feel yourself at ease. Today, personal responsibilities and professional liabilities make it hard to take out some leisure time but no one can deny the importance of hobbies and leisure in life.

Hobbies not only lighten up the mood but also cheer a person from inside and reinstate all the energy. They make you forget all the stress and worries and give the opportunity to enjoy the moment to the fullest. Hobbies rejuvenate the mind and urge you to do something creative with all your heart. So, if you’re a very busy person, give out at least a little leisure time to yourself and make the best out of it.

Advantages of hobbies:

We’re living in a world where technology has almost surpassed the human existence.  Everything moves around the science and technology. Today, the alluring panorama of nature, flowing streams, singing birds and dancing daffodils don’t enchant anybody. People have restricted themselves to the technology only.

Today, the world is so busy that practically no one has leisure time. The man has become the slave to the revolving sticks of a clock. People want to utilize their every single second in earning money. Amidst this hustle and bustle, they forget to give some time to the hobbies and cheer up their soul which is essential to lead a happy life. Hobbies benefit human beings in many ways. Check out some noteworthy advantages of pursuing a hobby.

  • Hobbies give you permission or call it an excuse to take a break from the busy life.
  • Hobbies help you make new connections and friends and grow your circle.
  • Hobby is undoubtedly a great stress reliever and if it’s a physical activity, it makes you fit and healthy.
  • Indulging yourself in hobbies means goodbye to depression and laziness.
  • Hobbies let our spirit come out freely and cherish every moment.
  • They are of course the best way to spend some quality time with yourself and nurture your soul.
  • Aside from being the ultimate mean of happiness, hobbies also sharpen our sense of observation and curiosity.

Types of hobbies:

Well, this question is quite obvious. There are no certain types of hobbies. Whatever you love to do is your hobby.  It can be any physical, mental, or social activity. If we list down the number of hobbies, the list will go endless. However, we can classify some common hobbies in below categories.

Outdoor hobbies-

Most of the time outdoor hobbies are physical and adventurous activities. For example-

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Rappelling
  • Running
  • Playing sports

 Indoor hobbies-

Indoor activities are which you do inside the four walls of your house. For example-

  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Doing yoga
  • Collecting objects
  • Décor

Creative hobbies-

Sometimes, creative hobbies are indoor activities too but they require creative ideas and sharp mind to get completed. For example-

  • Painting
  • Learning a new language or musical skills
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Singing

Social hobbies-

Social hobbies are the activities that you do with a group of people.

  • Camping
  • Ball dancing
  • Playing cards
  • Volunteering
  • Partying

Difference between hobby and passion:

Passion and hobby are two similar and narrow-related words. They seem equivalent but a thin line distinguishes their meaning. Below have a look at the table to figure out the difference between hobby and passion.


  • Hobby is what you love to do in your spare time.
  • Hobby is a passive interest. You can put it on the side or do occasionally.
  • It gives you a deep and healthy sleep because after leisure time your mind is fresh.
  • You can skip days or maybe weeks for the hobbies. It doesn’t bother you.
  • If you’re making your life happy by doing something you love, it is a hobby.
  • If you’re doing a particular thing with utmost dedication and love to make your life complete, it is passion.
  • After a certain time, you may lose interest in a hobby and switch into another.
  • A hobby drains energy over time. After 1 or 2 hours your hunger for that activity may get quenched and you may quit.


  • Passion is what that doesn’t let you have any spare time. Means, what you do with all your heart and dedication. You think of it 24*7.
  • Passion is an active interest. It’s something burning inside of you. You can’t put it aside. It’s your first priority.
  • Passion snatches the sleep of the night because you want to work more and more on that particular thing.
  • You’re not willing to miss even a single day. If it happens, you feel upset and it bothers a lot.
  • Passion is a lifelong yearning. It defines your dream and sometimes life.
  • A passion cultivates energy over time. It is something that pulls you ahead. You’re driven by it and your hunger for that never dies.

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Hobbies are an integral part of a happy life. The importance of hobbies in life is as wide as the life itself. They not only boost the various aspects of our personality but also give more meaning to our life. Without hobbies, life is like a journey without stations. So develop some hobbies and give out time to these life stations. Trust me! in these stations, you would experience a new facet of life. Then, you’ll realize why hobbies are important in our life. The 9-5 work life is completely drab and monotonous. It’s only the hobbies that can rejuvenate you mentally, physically, and spiritually. In actual words, hobbies bring colors, happiness, and interest in life.

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