Gir Forest National Park

gir forest national park visiting information


If you plan a trip, the first thing you need is the visiting information of that particular place. Right? That’s why today, we have brought Gir Forest National Park visiting information for you which will help you to explore the park at the best. But before talking about the Gir Forest National Park visiting information, let’s talk a bit about its history and basic information.


If you want to feel the daring experience of encountering a lion from the closest proximity, a royal touch of glorious history, the surreal vibes of tranquility, and a memorable wildlife excursion- head over to Gir Forest National Park. Worldwide known for its Asiatic lions, Gir Forest National Park is located nearly 65 km south east of ‘Junagadh’ district of Gujarat. Gir Forest National Park is also a wildlife sanctuary. The entire Gir Forest area is stretched in a vast area of 1,412 km2, of which sanctuary area includes 1,153 km2 and the national park is only 258 km2. The overall sanctuary and park area is tagged as the Sasan-Gir or Gir Van.


No matter which place you talk about in India, Indian history has something to do with it. Be it a big or small place, it is associated with the glorious history and so is Gir Forest National Park. Before being the crowning jewel of Gujarat’s tourism, it was the hunting reserve of royal Nawabs of Junagadh. But this region has always been known for the Asiatic lions. When during the early 19th century, the population of lion deceased significantly due to famine, the government took a step to preserve the remaining lions. As a result, Indian government banned the poaching of lions in 1960 in this region. And soon, in 1965, declared it as a wildlife sanctuary. Then, 10 years later in 1975, a small patch of land was added to Gir wildlife sanctuary and the overall land was given the status of ‘Gir Forest National Park’.

gir forest national park visiting information

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Gir Forest National Park Visiting Information

Gir Forest National Park doesn’t remain open throughout the year, so before planning a trip, don’t forget to go through the Gir Forest National Park visiting information.

Best Time to visit

The lion sanctuary remains closed from 16th June to 15th October of each year, so don’t visit during this time. Lions are the heart of Gir forest national park and if you’ll plan your trip between these months, you’ll miss the gist of Gir Forest National Park. So, better avoid them. The best time to visit Gir Forest National Park is during the winters, especially, the early months of the year. During these months, weather remains pleasant in Gujarat.

Timings and Opening days

All days of the week-

8:00 AM- 11:00 PM

3:00AM- 5:00 PM

Entry Fees

  • Indian: 75/person
  • Foreigners: 100/person

Other Fees

  • Jeep Safari: INR 4000 for up to 6 persons + 1 child (Indians) and INR 10000 for up to 6 persons + 1 child (foreigners).
  • Camera Fee: Rs. 100
  • Guide service: Rs. 50 for 4 hours

Gir Forest National Park Jeep Safari

The list of Gir Forest National visiting information will be incomplete if I won’t talk about the jeep safari of this park. Not to mention, Lions are the soul of Gir Forest National Park. You can get a chance to see the one playing with its cub at just a few steps from you only when you’re on a jeep Safari. Obviously, you can’t dare to go close to a lion when you’re on foot. So, here go for a Jeep Safari and click hundreds of snaps of lions from the closest proximity. Here, if you see lions roaming free around the forest or maybe just beside you, don’t be astonished because this is what this park is known for. Besides the forests of Africa, if there is a place on the earth where you can see many herds of lions together, it is Gir Forest National Park. The Jeep Safari makes sure to give you the sheer thrill of wildlife excursion.


Gir Forest National is predominantly known for its wildlife beauty, so here you might not get to see the vegetation as copious as the other national park. Still, whatever it has, it is enough to charm you. The perpetual source of water increases the floral beauty of this park 100 times more. Here, you’ll find the unrivaled varieties of flora including a huge array of trees and plants. 7 perennial rivers which flow through Gir Forest National Park are not only the prominent source of water for the animals of this park but also make it replete with the rich vegetation. A walk through the widespread grasslands, dense forests and the far-reaching shore of rivers will surely give you an inexpressible vibe of inner peace.


When we talk about the Gir Forest National Park visiting information, it would be an injustice to overlook the wildlife charm of the park. But here again, I’m going to tell you about the lions of Gir Forest National Park. So other than lions, the forested valleys of Gir Forest National Park offer a shelter to many other animals, birds, and reptiles. The wildlife conservation in Gir Forest National Park started centuries ago in 1965. At that time, there were only 20 lions left in Sasan Gir forests but fortunately, the efforts of government didn’t go in vain. In recent years, the population of lions in Gir Forest National Park has increased significantly.

As per the 2015 census, Gir Forest National Park is the home to nearly 523 lions and 300 leopards and it also holds the record of having the maximum numbers of lions in whole Asia. Not only this, the park also houses over 32,000 Chital which is the most sighted animal in this park. If you’re lucky, you can also get a sight of world’s only 4-horned antelope Sambar and Chausingha in Gir Forest. Other than wild animals, Gir Forest National Park is also an abode to more than 200 species of birds and 40 species of reptiles. If you’re a bird lover, this is a paradise for you.

Places to visit in and around Gir Forest National Park:

Being one of the most diverse places in Gujarat, Gir Forest National Park needs a whole day to offer you the best experience. The park is surely a wild region and known for its Asiatic Lions but there is a lot more that you can explore in Gir Forest National. There are some also noteworthy places contiguous to the park. Here is the list of the places that you should definitely cover up on your visit to Gir Forest National Park.

  • Tulsi Shyam Temple
  • Crocodile breeding farm
  • Kamleshwar Temple
  • Junagadh Zoo
  • Uperkot Fort
  • Nalsarovar
gir forest national park visiting information

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How to reach Gir Forest National Park:

Once you have set your mind to visit Gir Forest National Park, reaching there is not difficult at all. Let’s see how you can reach there by the all modes of transportation.

By Air

If you a domestic visitor, you can take off at Diu Airport, Ahmadabad Airport or at Keshod Airport. Out of these 3, Keshod is the closest airport to the park, just at a distance of 38 km. But if you’re a foreigner, Diu airport would be the best possibility for you.

By Railways

Railway is the best approach to reach Gir Forest National Park because the park has its own Railway station called ‘Sasan Railway Junction’.  It is just a few km away from the park, so once you have landed in the station, you can reach the park just in minutes. However, this is a small railway station and not connected to other states, so you can take a halt at Rajkot, Somnath, Veraval, or Junagadh Railway stations. Gir Forest National Park is just at 1-2 hours distance from these stations.

By Roadways

Being the backbone of Gujarat’s tourism, the park is well connected by the road network. You can get hundreds of autos, taxis, cars and buses anytime from anywhere going to Gir Forest National Park.

Hotels and resorts in Gir Forest National Park

You must be thinking where to stay in Gir Forest National Park. Right? So, the last thing we included in the Gir Forest National Park visiting information is the hotels in the vicinity of the park. From a budget lodge to a luxurious hotel, you can find every kind of accommodation near Gir Forest National Park. Have a look at the best possibilities-

  • Gir Jungle Lodge
  • Vanvaso Resort
  • Maneland Jungle Lodge
  • Fern Forest Resort
  • The Gateway Hotel
  • Amidhara Resort

So, this is all about the Gir Forest National Park visiting information. Now, the all you need is to take a break from life and plan a trip to this national park. I can guarantee, the rustic splendor and the wilderness of this park are something you can’t witness elsewhere


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