Top places to visit in Gujarat


Lately for some years, Gujarat has taken India by storm. Be it the honorable Prime Minister Modi Ji or the high-paced development of the state, it always remained in buzz. In front of these two things, people are drifting apart from the rich culture & heritage of Gujarat.  Literally means ‘the land of legends’, Gujarat is deep-rooted in heritage and boasts a prideful history which can be seen in the marvelous monuments of the state.  Being a treasure trove of history, culture, heritage, and nature, Gujarat is a major tourist destination in India. The sonorous voice of Megastar Amitabh Bachchan describing the beauty of Gujarat has made it even more beautiful. So, let’s have a quick overview at the top places to visit Gujarat.


Remember, what Amitabh Bachchan says in the ad? “Agar Kutch nhi dekha to kuch dekha!”.  He simply summed up the grandeur of Kutch in one line. Truly, if you haven’t witnessed Kutch at least once in your lifetime, you haven’t seen anything. Being the largest salt desert in the world, Kutch is one of the most splendid places in the world. The Great Rann of Kutch is so widespread that you can’t capture the starting point and ending point at the single sight. Stretching in the western skirt of Gujarat, Kutch touches the border of Thar Desert on one side and of Arabien Sea on other side. During the Rann festival which happens every year in the winters, Kutch comes in its full swing. Unnumbered of cultural and festival activities are held by the locals. The barren land of salty desert Kutch is stretched in over 40,000 km2. The Kutch region of Gujarat is truly a sight to behold.


Patan has recently garnered a huge attention when an ancient monument from the city became the latest Indian entrant of UNESCO World Heritage site. Yes, I’m talking about the ‘Rani ka Vav’ which has amused the world with its brilliant carved architecture and sculptures. During 11th century, Queen Bhimdeva built this step well with the fore-vision of saving wastage water but over the ages, it emerged as an epitome of stellar Hindu architecture. The vividly embellished motifs and the carvings of Hindu God & Goddess make it one of its kind. Apart from Rani ka Vav, Kalika Mata, Sidhwai Mata, Bramhakund, Hemachandra Gyan Mandir, Jain temples, and Sahastralinga Talav are the must-see places in Patan. Being the capital of Gujarat during the medieval period, Patan has an important role in Indian history as well as in culture. In recent few years, Patan has become a tourist hub in Gujarat.  If you’re a lover of thickly adorned Patola Sarees, Patan is a place for you.


The tourism of Gujarat can’t be completed without the mention of Saputara. The all other tourist places of Gujarat are on one side and Saputara is alone on other side. Being the only hill station of the state, it receives a huge influx of visitors daily. Tucked majestically in the imposing Sahyadri ranges on the lap of dense dang forests, Saputara is the most refreshing tourist destination in Gujarat. Interestingly, in Saputara, natural, historical, and wildlife splendor stand side by side, so it is a sheer delight for every visitor. Vansda National Park, Hatgadh Fort, Saputara Lake, Rose Garden, Gira Waterfall, and Mahal Forest are the central attractions of Saputara. The most beautiful thing about Saputara is that the weather always remains pleasant in Saputara. There is never excessive heat, never chilly cold. Just the mild weather!


If you’re talking about a state, how a discussion can be over without a mark of the state capital. Ahmedabad is a city in Gujarat where modern-age vibrancy and old-age cultural heritage sparkle together. Often tagged as the ‘Manchester of East’, Ahmedabad recently added another feather in its cap having been declared as the first UNSCEO World Heritage city of India.  Over the ages, Ahmedabad has been a hub of history, culture, and business, that’s why today it is the largest tourist place in Gujarat. Being the state capital, it offers a convenient and stress-free holiday experiences. Swaminarayan Temple, Akshardham Temple, Sabarmati Ashram, Jama Masjid, Dada Hari Wav, and World Vintage Car Museum are the most shining jewels of Ahmedabad.


In Gujarat, generally all major cities account an eventful history but Junagadh has something more than that.  Thoroughly imbibed in history, the city is adorned with many ancient historical monuments. In ancient time, Junagadh was a royal kingdom and it had served many dynasties from Hindu as well as Muslim rulers. Today, the monuments built by these rulers are the touristic hub of Junagadh. Mohabbat Maqbara, Uperkot Fort, Girnar Hills,Jain Temples, Buddhist Caves, and Sarkheswar Beach are the must-visit places in Junagadh. But sometimes, the popularity of ‘Gir National Park’ outdoes the other places of Junagadh. Yes, Junagadh is also the home to the world-famous Gir Forest National Park.


If you’re a Hindu, you would definitely feel an unknown connection with this city. Once the royal kingdom of Lord Shree Krishna is today one of the seven holiest cities of India. In fact, Dwarka boasts the honor of being one of four highest revered ‘Char Dhams’. The Char Dham Yatra gets completed in Dwarka only. Though the original Dwarkapuri was submerged in the sea as soon as Shree Krishna left the world but according to thelegends and excavations, it is the same place where Dwarkapuri of Lord Krishna was inhabited in Dwapar Yug. It is also home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas that makes the city more popular. Dwarkadeesh Temple and Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple make the city soaked in holiness. For some different experience, you can visit Dwarka Beach, Beyt Island, and Lighthouse.

Lothal & Dholavira

Remember, half of our school days went learning ‘the Indus Valley and Harappan Civilization’. But we never understood this myth. So, when you’re in Gujarat, don’t miss a chance to witness the remnants of these civilizations. Yes, Lothal & Dholavira are filled with the ruins of Indus Valley and Harappan Civilization. Being one of the most ancient historical and archaeological sites in India, Lothal & Dholavira certainly deserves a visit. There is also a museum that showcases all the artifacts associated with these civilization, so don’t forget to pay visit in the museum.  Having an in-depth sight of a different civilization is really intriguing.


Mandvi is a small town in Gujarat but always hits the list first when it comes to must-see destinations in Gujarat. Its location in the heart of Kutch makes it even more popular. The town was founded as a port town in the mid of 15th century but soon, it became a big name in the state. In a short span of time, Mandvi has witnessed a set of drastic development. Just in 400 years, it has become a landmark of monuments and temples. Sundarwar Temple, Jama Masjid, Lakshminarayan Temple, Rameshwar Temple, and Vijay Vilas Palace are the most noticeable places in Mandvi.


The beauty of Gujarat is that here most of the cities account an eventful history of ancient olden ages and Burg is one of them. Having embraced a prideful history of over 4000 years, Burj is an unmatched treasure trove of culture, tradition, and history. Over the ravages of time, it has served many empires and today presents the remainders of those empires beautifully. Aina Mahal, Parag Mahal, Kutch Museum, Ramakunf Step well, and Hamirsar Lake are the places of interest in Bhuj. In Burj, don’t miss a chance to go on a shopping spree.

Best time to visit Gujarat

Like other parts of India, Gujarat is also extremely hot in summers. The temperature can go up to 41°C – 42°C, so it won’t be a suggestible idea to visit the state in summers. One more thing, the great Rann of Kutch remains drab during summers, so avoid summers. Monsoon months are obviously the ideal time for the nature enthusiasts so visit during these months if you’re one of them. But if you want explore every bit of Gujarat including the real splendor of ‘Rann of Kutch’, winters are the most suitable time to visit the state. You can get the thrill of ‘Rann Ustav’. And during winters, weather also remains pleasant in Gujarat.

How to reach Gujarat

Don’t forget, Gujarat is the home of our Prime Minister Modi Ji. Can we expect any kind of inconvenience getting in Gujarat? Obviously not! The state has the world-class connectivity by the all modes of transportation. It has many domestic airports but ‘Sardar Vallabh Bhai International Airport’ is the most suitable for the domestic as well as international tourists. If you’re going by rail, you can take at any railway station as per your convenience. All major railway stations are connected throughout the country.  If we talk about the superiority of road network in Gujarat, wouldn’t it be an offense to Modi Ji. You can imagine, how developed and high-class connected the home of a prime minister can be.

If you’ll try to sum up the glory of Gujarat in one article, it would be like to measure an unfathomable ocean. The tourism of Gujarat is as expanded as the great Rann Kutch. Words can’t fathom the splendor of tourism in Gujarat. So, visit and feel it. “Kuch Din to Gujariye Gujarat me “!

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